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We have lost an elder. He was a supporter of the West Papua Liberation Movement, but he always stayed in the background. 

He wanted to be the first Papuan sea captain. When I was a teenager he told me 'I should have a been a sea captain by now, I would have joined the movement to help Free our people. Papua Merdeka!'. But, he got poisoned in Jakarta and was changed forever. 

He lived in exile in the Netherlands and had a lonely life for many years. Me and siblings will never forget his kindness. Many years ago, in difficult times, he and uncle late Henk Padwa bought groceries to help my mother to feed us. Rice, Patatos, Tea, sugar, milk etc. 
With the little money they had. 
Thank you, kasumasa nabor. 

You are now part of our Legion of Freedom fighters. And I am sure that you will help us to cross the roughest ocean.

Today we will say farewell,
We will sing for you.
Araaa.....Marandan bebye.
On behalf of Arnold C. Ap family

Oridek Ap