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PAPUA New Guinean parliamentarian  and Governor of Oro Province, Gary Juffa, has strengthened his stance in the struggle for a free West Papua.

Mr Juffa said the dilemma that West Papuans are facing is a long time issue that the governments of PNG and other Pacific island nations need to look into to help West Papua achieve its quest for political independence from Indonesia.

He said West Papuans have suffered brutal acts by the Indonesian government through its coercive state apparatus (police and army) who have killed more than 700,000 West Papuans since 1965 when the Dutch handed over the colony to be part of Indonesia.

This followed upon advice from the United Nations and a referendum which Mr Juffa said was not representative of the majority of the West Papuans.

Mr Juffa has prepared a petition to the UN Secretary-General asking the body to look into West Papuan political independence from Indonesia.

He says that West Papuans are part of the Melanesian family who have been suppressed for too long and deserve to be given their political freedom.

He said his stance is not a gesture of aggression towards the Indonesian government but a politically neutral move aimed at emancipating the West Papuan people and to help them achieve their long sought desire to be an independent state