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In 1934, Dr.Kwame Nkrumah applied to the Lincoln University for an admission to study. One year past and he had not received an offer or a response.

He then wrote an emergency letter to the Dean of Students at the University in 1935 reminding him of his request for an admission to study at the university.

The university wrote back to him asking him to write a brief story of his life and his reasons for wanting to study at the school.

The following is the summary of what Nkrumah wrote to the university:

“I neither know where to begin nor where to end because I feel the story of my life has not been one of achievements.

“Furthermore, I have not been anxious to tell people of what may have been accomplished by me.

“In truth, the burden of my life can be summarized into a single line in "The Memoriam," quoted by Cecil Rhodes; so much to do, so little done.

“In all things, I have held myself to but one ambition and that is to make necessary arrangements to continue my education in a university in the United States of America, that I may be better prepared to serve my fellowman.”